About Dash Shifters

We’re not just another Freight Forwarding company – we have evolve in global Freight Forwarding and logistics, setting new benchmarks and redefining excellence. We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional freight forwarding and logistics services, seamlessly connecting businesses across borders and diverse industries. Our extensive presence ensures we leave no stone unturned in managing operations efficiently.
The objective is to manage the movement of freight on behalf of our customers, whether it be in the Sky, Land or Ocean. We streamline operations, optimize routes, and ensure timely delivery. Whilst our core value lies with deep-rooted customer-midpoint approach as the lifeblood of our operations

Our Objective

our mission is critical because it’s all about ensuring our customers have the best shipping experience possible. Think about it like this: when you order something online or need to send a package, you want it to be easy, affordable, and reliable. That’s precisely what we focus on. By offering customized shipping solutions, we can meet everyone’s needs, whether you’re a small business shipping out your first product or someone just trying to send a gift to a friend. Our mission is to take the headache out of shipping by using our expertise to guide you through the process, making it as smooth as butter.

Why Our Mission Matters

Well, in today’s world, shipping is a big deal. It connects people, businesses, and communities. By focusing on providing value through our services, we’re helping to keep these connections solid and reliable. We use our knowledge and tools to solve any shipping challenge, ensuring your package gets where it needs to go without any fuss. Our mission isn’t just about moving boxes from point A to point B; it’s about providing a service you can count on, making your life easier, and helping your business grow. That’s why our mission matters – it’s all about making a positive impact in shipping, one package at a time.

Why does this matter?

 Sea Freights, ​Air Freights,  Africa,  Cameroon and CEMAC Haulage Services

Our Mission At Dash Shifters

To create value for our customers, we deliver customized shipping solutions that will meet their unique needs and fulfill shipping demands from simple to complex with expertise, guidance, and ingenuity.
Delivery of Building Materials  to Chad
We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we carefully craft tailor-made logistics strategies that cater to our clients spread over the automotive, consumer goods, fashion, and industrial sectors. With a specialized niche in logistics, we handle Disrupted supply chains. Our journey is marked by the trust of our esteemed clients, whose enduring satisfaction has been our driving force.
​Dash Shifters-  Sea Freights, ​Air Freights,  Africa,  Cameroon and CEMAC Haulage Services 
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Our Services includes

Domestic Trucking
Warehouse Storage & Distribution
Ocean Freight Transportation
Import and Export Consultation
Cross Board Shipping
Project Transportation


Our fundamental values that underpin operations and define our commitment to excellence

Reliability in delivering goods on time. This ensures trust with clients and builds a strong reputation in the industry.

Ensuring that goods are transported securely and that employees are trained to handle shipments carefully to us.


Efficiency: Streamlining processes and optimizing routes. Efficiency leads to cost savings and faster delivery times, benefiting both us and our clients.

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