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Dash Customs Clearance Services facilitate your freight assuring you an effortless and secure customs clearance process. Whether you are looking for import or export customs clearance, our experts can guide you through the process.
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Our Custom Clearance Services at Dash include

Our expert customs brokerage services will keep you in compliant with all regulations, and help you avoid costly mistakes. Documentations like invoices, bills of lading, and customs declarations) need to be accurate and organized to quickly respond to questions from Customs.
Dash Shifters in-house licensed customs broker staffs offers efficient and knowledgeable customs brokerage services to help safely guide your shipments through the complex import customs clearance process. From classification to clearance and post-entry services, out proven processes ensure that procedures are followed properly, regulations and requirements are met the first time. Our team can assist you with anything from the country of origin rules to Harmonized Tariff classifications, while completing the proper customs documentation.

What we do for you

- We choose the right HS code
- Timely preparation and transmiting the Import Security Filing (ISF) at each port needed.
- Ensure that Customs receive ISF filing through ISF bond.
- Secureing customs clearance bond,
- Transmits the customs clearance documentation,
- Be the intermediary between importer and customs agency,
- Necessary payments arrangments on- standard customs clearance costs - (MPF) Fee, or (HMF) Fee for entries by
- Timely maintains of  invoices, bills of lading, and customs declarations.
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We make sure that your customs process is always complying with local regulations.
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We know when your cargo has to be custom cleared. So you don’t have to double-check.
Customs Clearance Services

Essentially, customs clearance involves the preparation and submission of documentation that is required to export or import your goods into or out of a country. Customs clearance is a crucial part of your cargo shipping from Point A to Point B seamlessly across the world.

Our licensed customs experts stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations, so you don’t have to. Choosing our Customs Clearance Services, we will provide you with know-how around, rules, regulations as well as necessary documents when you ship your freight internationally. No matter where you want to export or import your goods, we are by your side for both continental and intercontinental container shipping.
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