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Domestic Trucking in Cameroon
Along international freight transportation services, we also have ready resources and connections necessary to provide fast and affordable domestic ground shipping. Our Domestic Trucking services delivers to all regional bloc countries.
Revolutionizing Logistics in Cameroon: A Three-Step Solution Provider

General Haulage

Trucking / Dispatch Service: We provide local transport to all regions in Cameroon and all landlocked countries such as Chad and The republic Of Central Africa. Get highly professional, flexible, completely Road Transport Services including a customized logistics services,

Best Cameroon Trucking Services Providers

From Point A to Point B: Choosing the Best General Haulage Provider in Cameroon
General Haulage Providers in Cameroon You Should Know About
The Top General Haulage Providers in Cameroon
Dash Shifters combines trucking services with extensive transport expertise to deliver a seamless, door-to-door freight solution in Cameroun and niegboring countries.
We handle the tough stuff heavy haul loads, - Drayage trucking, - Oversized transportation loads,
- Flatbeds Transportation that may require special equipment, knowledge and permits.
As heavy haul trucking specialists, we have long-time relationships with carriers across the country for low-boys, drop decks, RGNs and other specialty equipment.
We help you to:
Access Capacity
Stay Compliant
Reduce Total Shipping Costs
From Cargo to Destination.The Best Heavy Haul Trucking Services in Cameroon

Heavy Haul Trucking

We help you to:
On the Move: Chose the Right Flatbed Trucking Provider in Cameroun
As heavy and oversized shipping specialists, Dash Shifters Transport makes extensive use of flatbeds because their lighter weight allows us to load more cargo but remain within DOT weight limits for road transport. Dash experts will advise you on equipment type and help you source flatbed capacity from our extensive carrier network.
Access Flatbed Capacity
Stay Compliant
Get There Faster

Flatbed Trucking

We help you to:
Heavy Hauling in Cameroon: The Best Oversized Trucking Services Revealed
Stay Compliant

Oversized Trucking

It’s tricky to source the right equipment and drivers for oversized transport loads. And the risks are high if you make the wrong choice. That’s why it makes sense to work with an expert.  Dash Shifters has the know-how and the specialized trucking relationships to ensure safe, compliant delivery.
Access Capacity
Get It There Fast
We help you to:
On the Move: Enhancing Supply Chain with the Best Drayage Trucking Provider in Cameroon
Stay Compliant

Drayage Trucking

Get It There Fast
For drayage trucking, don’t risk detention and storage charges waiting on unreliable lines and carriers to pull your containers. Dash Shifters has long-term relationships with dray carriers at all major ports and can get your containers out of the terminal fast, and without hassles.
Reduce Risk
​Dash Shifters-  Sea Freights, ​Air Freights,  Africa,  Cameroon and CEMAC Haulage Services 
Our Services includes

Domestic Trucking
Warehouse Storage & Distribution
Ocean Freight Transportation
Import and Export Consultation
Cross Board Shipping
Project Transportation
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